The Dreamwhisper – New Free Monster for D&D

New Fey Monster Stats for D&D 5e:

What kind of chaos and descension could you sow in your next game? Share your devious plans with us in the comments, and let the Dreamwhisper’s cunning inspire your mischievous side.

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The Dreamwhisper:

As the night settles in and the moon begins to rise, beware of the Dreamwhisper. With the grace of a breeze and the cunning of a fox, the Dreamwhisper can slip into the deepest recesses of your mind, traversing the ethereal landscapes of your dreams. Its long ears twitching in anticipation, the creature sifts through your most intimate thoughts and desires, revealing secrets long-buried and fears long-forgotten. No dream is safe from its intrusion, and no mind is immune to its probing presence.

No one knows for certain where the Dreamwhisper came from or why it possesses such a unique ability. Some say it was born from the dreams of mortals, while others claim it was created by powerful fey lords and ladies to serve as spies and information gatherers. Regardless of its origins, the Dreamwhisper is a creature to be feared, as it can turn even the most trusted ally into a pawn for its own purposes.
Once the Dreamwhisper has extracted its victim’s secrets, it uses them to breed conflict and chaos, whether by manipulating thoughts or leaving carefully-crafted notes in places where they are sure to be discovered. Its powers of deception and manipulation are unparalleled, and those who fall under its influence may find themselves acting in ways they never thought possible.

Possible Plot Hooks:

The Dreamwhisper can be used as a tool for villainous fey lords or ladies to manipulate their enemies and create chaos. They can also be used by a group of adventurers to uncover secrets or gain information about their enemies.

Additional Information:

Dreamwhispers may have difficulty serving as long-term spies due to their innate dislike of authority and tendency to become distracted or bored with a single task. It is possible that they may need to be reined in or managed carefully by their employers in order to prevent them from causing more harm than good.


Dreamwhispers are not particularly skilled in direct combat and will do everything in their power to avoid it. They rely on their mastery of magic to aid their escape, often casting spells such as minor illusion, sleep, and fog cloud to obscure their presence and create confusion among their pursuers. If forced to fight, Dreamwhispers will prioritise staying alive over dealing damage, often resorting to hit-and-run tactics to whittle down their opponents over time.

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