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The Silence


The Silence is intended to be used as a drop-in quest or one-shot. Written with the intent of helping game masters create an eery atmosphere of mystery, by providing simple directional prompts and plenty of flavourful read-aloud text.

There are two common ways to run this adventure based on the player’s approach. One is active and the other is passive. Ideally, the players should receive clues in order to keep them on track to discover the mystery.

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The quiet, unassuming town of Echoes End is a place of curious fascination, drawing travellers from far and wide with its eerie reputation. It is rumoured that no one in Echoes End will speak a single word, not even to each other. No one knew why, but the silence was oppressive and unsettling.

The streets are tidy and well maintained, and the windows of the houses usually clean. As the people move about their business with silent determination, not a single sound could be heard, not even the chirping of crickets.

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James Bateman


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